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jenna haze owned by jules jordanJenna Haze is a retired pornstar who apparently is NOT an escort or hooker and does NOT seem to be attached to any illegal prostitution rings.

updated: December 31, 2012

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Did Jenna Haze inspire Greg Puciato to start bugchaising HIV?

Jenna Haze’s abrupt departure from performing prior to her official retirement announcement early in 2012 has consistently caused her fans to speculate as to exactly WHY.


jenna haze and greg puciato Jenna Haze’s appearance in her retirement announcement video and a song entitled BugChasing ( a slang term for the practice of pursuing sexual intercourse with HIV-infected individuals in order to contract HIV. Individuals engaged in this activity are referred to as bugchasers. Bugchasers seek sexual partners who are HIV positive for the purpose of having unprotected sex and becoming HIV positive) written by her current boyfriend Greg Puciatomay hold the key.

Much discussion was prompted about Jenna’s health status by her rather sickly looking appearance in the above video.

In November of 2011 Greg Puciato stated the following in an interview in regards to his song “Sunshine the Werewolf” which is a song about Bugchasing:

“…When the song was written, the lyrics were originally actually inspired by an article that Brian Montuori, the artist responsible for the “Miss Machine” artwork, had sent me.It was a perverse and disgusting article about a strange and extreme subculture of people who would deliberately “give” and “receive” HIV in order to romantically share an eventually fatal disease(queen sized coffin built for two).

The lyrics were fiction, and written from the perspective of the “giver”, who then turned out to have tricked the smitten “receiver” into thinking their love was forever before instead moving on to someone else(there’ll be another just like you…you’re not the only one, etc), sadistically leaving the receiver feeling tricked and scorned…the receiver eventually repeating the cycle as a giver.

HIV vampires basically. A metaphor for people passing abuse forward in relationships…”

john stagliano voraciousConsidering how certain porn professionals (who are studio owners like Jenna Haze is) such as John Stagliano feel that their life has IMPROVED since contracting HIV (as of April of 2013 pornography director Rob Black has accused John Stagliano of working with performers who were not aware he is HIV positive), there’s no telling how many porn professionals out there may be hiding the fact that they are HIV positive and transmitting it to others on purpose. Interestingly John Stagliano’s most recent work“Voracious” is about vampires…

Sunshine the Werewolf

Cry your eyes bloodshot
while there’s still time
’cause soon it’s gone
and you’ll be so shocked
one queen-sized coffin
that was built for two
is your death bed
it belongs to you
tease me baby, please me with the fresh disease
hope riding on a bullet alive tonight
you know we couldn’t get it right
come save your life tonight
you know we’ll never get it right
don’t try to swim to shore
because you can’t go back
say three words like they’re the last you’ll speak
curtains drop concealing appearances of heaven
they’ll be another just like you
you’re not the only one
I’m not the only one watching the fallout
fly back up walking where time stands still
see how this love kills
dropping curtains down concealing appearances of heaven
without my existence
you are nothing
without my affection
you wilt
we are fucked
like a nuclear war release
fuck off
see how I let you down
watching fallout fly back up


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    Shane January 26, 2013 at 6:15 am - Reply

    This is pretty offensive and slanderous, not to mention blatantly disrespectful.

    If you look at the very first day that Jenna ever appeared in any video, you would know that she has ALWAYS been waiflike and very skinny. What a callous and ignorant thing to say!

    Speculate about the song, fine.. but to insinuate she has HIV because she is skinny is really hitting below the belt.

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      pshaadmin January 28, 2013 at 8:52 pm - Reply

      To Shane,

      The PSHA team is TRYING to be fair in regards to your aggressive commentary, but at this point you seem rather out of control and if you continue the PSHA team will have to ban you from any further commentary.

      No where in this posting is anything that would be considered legally “slander” – no where does this posting state that Haze has HIV.

      It does appear however that she may have inspired the lyrics to Puciato’s song as many love interests do for artists (though she may have not) and it is the writer of this article’s OPINION that she looks sickly (as it is many people’s opinion).

      Please Shane, if this site angers you do much you DO have the choice NOT to look at it :)

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