Male Pornstar Voodoo Claims All of the Porn Agencies Send Porn Girls on “Privates”

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voodoo claims porn agencies send girls on privatesMonica Foster commentary: Thank you Voodoo for coming forward with the truth and thank you Gene Ross of for reporting the truth.

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With a name like Voodoo you’d think he’d be hooking up with some zombies and New Orleans cemetery owners for promotions. But Voodoo is the aka of Alex Torres who came to mainstream attention in October 2011 for jumping out of an airplane.

It wasn’t an ordinary jump. Torres apparently got fired from his part-time skydiving instructor’s job having violated federal regulations. What Torres did is what any sane skydiver [perhaps a contradiction in terms] would do. He had sex in mid-air with his partner, Hope Howell, who was the receptionist for the company Voodoo was working for. A video emerged showing Torres and Howell coupling.

NBC station KGET-TV in Bakersfield reported that Torres put the stunt together in an attempt to get the attention of Howard Stern. He got more than that. He got world attention.

If that wasn’t enough, Torres re-emerged several months later with a claim that he banged Lindsay Lohan. Torres was doing an interview on The Jim Richards show on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto when he made that revelation. Michael Lohan was going to be a later guest on the show as well and Richards asked Torres for suggestions as to what questions he should ask Lohan. Torres commented: ‘Ask him if he knows about that night I had with his daughter while he was sleeping upstairs.’

Torres even insinuated that the actress had paid him for his services.

He went on to say: “Many of these Hollywood celebrities pay me a high price dollar to come and satisfy them.” Torres said he wasn’t joking.

Confronted with that information, Lohan said Torres was, “a dirtball and delusional moron” yet revealed not too long ago that his delusional daughter was a paid escort. Which begs the question of etiquette. When one paid escort couples with another, who pays?

Last week Torres hit the Twitter boards with some critical words about porn agents. In an interview with, Torres explained that he was feuding with agent Kevin O’Neal from Type 9 Modeling. The matter involved Torres’ skydiving partner Hope Howell who has since gone into porn and was being repped by O’Neal’s company. Torres first hooked up Howell with OC Modeling. When she left that company, Torres brought her to Type 9.

“I’ve done a lot of things for her,” Torres explained.

“I let her stay out in my trailer in Bakersfield, close to where she lived. I let her stay in my house. I let her use my computer, all of these things.”

Torres admits he made a mistake, that Howell at age 20 isn’t very responsible.

“I’ve given her a lot of leeway. In the time that I’ve brought her into my house, she’s broken my computer. She’s destroyed one of my beds. She has a daughter as well. Her daughter, unfortunately, had an accident all over one of my beds. I’m assuming it was her daughter and not her doing a squirting Skype show for somebody.

“One of the beds she was using got ruined and I’ve been asking her to replace the bed. She’s been saying she was going to do it, and then she disappeared for a while. Her agent, Kevin, contacted me and he said he would take care of the whole thing.”

When O’Neal told Torres he was going to book Howell in a scene, Torres got the impression that O’Neal, instead of paying out of his own pocket, was simply going to take Howell’s money which Torres wasn’t cool with.

“I’ve known Kevin for many, many years now. I’ve known his reputation to not be one of the most solid reputations as far as an agent in porn,” Torres said.

“I’ve known many girls that I’ve worked with who’ve complained for multiple things,” he continued.

“Whether it was how much percentage was being taken out of their paychecks and not enough work being granted to them. Horrible living conditions at his model house that he has out here in Los Angeles and in Florida. The fact that he has sex with some of the girls at his model house and taking sexual favors to pay their rent. That kind of bullshit always irritated me.”

Torres then made an admission he probably shouldn’t have made. He said he’s known as extremely chill, comical and goofy except when he’s pushed,

“I don’t stop. I’m like a crazed madman and I go on a mission. I can hurt people in multiple ways. My favorite way is to mess with their business. If I see you’re doing something illegal or wrong I’m going to exploit that. I’m not going to walk down the street and punch you in the face. I’m going to mess with you where it really, really hurts.”

According to Torres’ claims, O’Neal e-mailed other agencies in an attempt to blackball Torres from the industry.

“That’s when I flew off the handle,” said Torres.

“Because I work for all the big companies, Brazzers, Reality Kings they don’t give a shit. They’ll replace their girls with any other girls, so it doesn’t really matter. That was a huge mistake. What he didn’t realize was now he’s involving other agencies in this whole little agency battle that I’m planning to go on doing. I’m planning on exposing all of these things. That’s what people are seeing on Twitter now; all of these different little things that these agencies are doing with their girls. That’s easy.”

Torres says when he began his Twitter campaign, over 100 girls began telling him their horror stories about industry agents.

“Right now I’m just focusing on Kevin,” says Torres.

“What I’m doing is I’m warning the other agencies to distance themselves from Kevin. I’ve been in this business for 15 years. I have shit on every one of these agents. I’ve know all of these agents, from Shy Love to Derek Hay, before they were agents when they were just stupid talent on set. I was in this industry before all of them. I know how they got to where they are today and I know from having sex with all their girls all the different little things they do like sending girls on privates.

“That’s the big taboo secret in the industry that nobody really talks about because it’s a good income for girls. The girls don’t want to do it but it’s a big trap for the girls that think that that’s what they need to do to pay their next rent which is bullshit.”

Torres says he’s heard all the horror stories from girls.

“That’s the big hush hush secret that nobody really wants to talk about and I’m the wrong guy to be the one to mess with because I know all the girls who’ve gone and done privates and I know which companies that they’ve done them for. All of these agencies make their girls do privates. If a big paying john decides to call these companies they will put it in front of their top girls.”

Torres also made charges about agents double-dipping.

“These agencies take a commission from the production companies, usually it’s $100 per talent, and then they take 10-20%, depending on which agency and how dumb the girl was to sign these contracts that they sign, out of the girls paycheck. That is a big no-no,” he says.

“That’s absolutely illegal here in the state of California. And nobody’s talking about that. Know why? Because the agencies are making the girls either cash the paycheck or they’re making production companies send them the paycheck directly so that they can cash it and then they give the money to the girls. They’re not reporting that income to the I.R.S. There’s so many little things going on.”

Torres goes on to talk about “horrible conditions” in the model houses, that talent is forced to pay between $1000 to $1500 a month to live in small rooms.

He says girls come into the porn industry thinking they’re going to be the next Jenna Jameson only to end up in model houses doing webcam shows to pay off their bills.

“This is going to explode… I’m sick and tired of the situation in the porn community,” Torres relates.

Torres said all the girls are aware of the conditions but no one talks out against it for fear of being blacklisted.

On the subject of agency contracts, Torres says this: “I spoke to a lawyer about these contracts a few years ago because a friend of mine was upset that she wasn’t getting enough work and she wanted to get out of her contract.

“I basically said to her, a porn agent is a glorified pimp. It’s not like a pimp can hold this contract in court and say to the judge ‘Hey, she signed this contract, so she’s going to fuck whoever I tell her to fuck for the next year or she’s not going to fuck at all in this industry.’

“These contracts that they make these girls sign are absolutely bogus and bullshit in the eyes of California law out here. In the eyes of any other state that has any morality issues already with the porn world. So my message to most porn girls out there is, first of all, don’t sign these stupid contracts. If you do want to sign one of these contracts, write your own provisions in these contracts of what you want. Make them counter sign it. Get a little bit more education on them.”

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