Allie James

pshaadmin June 18, 2012 0

Allie Jamesallie james is a pornstar who is currently represented by Foxxx Modeling  (appears to have initially been recruited by JG models ) while simultaneously promoted on the escort website The Luxury Companion (which may be an illegal prostitution ring).

06.26.2012 It appears that in effort to separate Allie from her family and small town friends (and lock her into porn), she was recently featured in GQ magazine of which she allegedly stated that she had sex with her brother’s friends at the age of 9 for marijuana. Considering Allie’s physical qualities (caucasion, blond hair, blue eyes – and relatively naive demeanor) the Los Angeles porn industry has the intention of prostituting her to high dollar Johns ASAP.

In the GQ article male,  pornstar and apparent escort / prostitute, James Deen, attempts to label Allie as “damaged” (which is rather ironic consider his apparent drug use, low IQ and incredibly dysfunctional behavior).



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