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The Difference between Good Sex, Takeaway Sex and Ecstatic Sex

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Sex is a great thing. It is the most enjoyable experience for most people. When you have sex, you come into contact physically. You also absorb each other’s energies. This leads to a deeper connection. However, there are different types of sex that partners can indulge in.

Here are the main types of sex that you may want to engage in:

Good Sex

According to BBW Escorts Las Vegas good sex is also called average sex. It entails identifying an attractive person to indulge with and feel good after the intercourse. However, there are no strings attached and sex does not change anything between the partners. After sex, each partner gets back to their normal life. Thus, they do not expect much from each other. Good sex is basically a casual affair that does not involve deep emotions. This type of sex takes place between friends, colleagues or people that are acquainted with one another.

Takeaway Sex

Just like the name suggests, takeaway sex is exciting and enjoyable for the moment but it bears no substance. It is often facilitated by lust and a dire urge for physical penetration. Most people engage in this sex while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Takeaway sex often happens with strangers or people that meet randomly. It occurs when partners make choices solely based on feelings formed around their bodies’ sex centers. After this sex, some partners feel like they have been used.

Ecstatic Sex

Ecstatic sex is described by many BBW Escorts as the real deal. As it sounds, the experience is often mind blowing, soul nourishing and magical. It entails creation of a deep connection that takes some partners a very long time to forget. After having ecstatic sex, partners are likely to experience a dramatic change in the existing connection. This change can lead to something more tangible than just the intercourse. Ecstatic sex opens up the hearts of the partners and leaves them highly elated. However, it might also leave some feeling vulnerable due to the deep intimacy and bond that is created. Ecstatic sex occurs between acquaintances and strangers.

Generally, good sex and takeaway sex are not bad though some people find them insufficient in terms of fulfillment. To experience ecstatic sex, it’s important to effectively integrate the feminine and masculine energies so that you can feel whole. Also find a partner that truly meets your sexual desires. That way, you will enjoy a sexual experience that you will live to remember.


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