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Sex without Penetration

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Most people believe that sex has to involve penetration of the vagina or the anus. However, that is not true because there are different forms of sex. Some of them do not entail any form of penetration. In fact, sex without penetration is a popular practice, especially among black escorts and their patrons. There are even many dating and married couples that indulge in sex without penetration.

Sex usually involves a series of activities that can generate orgasms even without penetration. Having sex without penetration is pleasurable, sometimes even more than the traditional form of penetrative sex. If you are thinking about trying out non-penetrative sex, here are some of the ways you can achieve satisfaction with it.


Whether you want to enjoy sensual pleasure with a partner or individually, masturbation can be an incredible way to experience fulfillment without penetration. If you are a couple, one way to enjoy it is by masturbating in front of each other. Masturbation can be done by rubbing the vaginal areas or jerking off the penis. For couples to avoid the temptation to penetrate, they should avoid making body contact.

Dirty Talk

Sexual sensations are controlled by the brain and creation of the assumption that individuals are having sex in mind. This ends up triggering orgasms. Talking dirty with your partner can leave your juices flowing even without making physical contact. Some couples use dirty talk to enhance stimulation before sex. However, it can also serve as a unique form of sexual pleasure. If you feel shy when engaging your partner in filthy talk, initiate it with sexting.

Direct Stimulation

Oral sex is one of the best ways to stimulate a woman for an intense orgasm. Studies indicate that women are more conscious during penetration. This can sometimes hinder orgasm. But, direct stimulation by touching the sensitive vaginal areas like the clitoris, labia and vulva generate steamy sensations within seconds. Additionally, touching the urethra or giving head can lead to mind blowing orgasms.

Sex Toys

Most people are reluctant to use sex toys. However, they can be great tools for non-penetrative sexual pleasures. Sex toys can be used solo as well as with partners. Since you do not want penetration, consider using toys like hands-free vibrators, G-spot toys and arousal oils. However, both partners should first agree on the particular sex toys that they are comfortable with and enjoy using.

Having sex without penetration can be a great way for couples to understand each other better in terms of sexuality. Try these tips to enjoy a great sex without penetration.

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